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Why do you need cargo insurance?


To insure or not to insure. This almost Shakespearean problem haunts many of our customers. We answer: insure, but only when it’s expedient. We inform you in which cases the insurance is compulsory and in which cases it is expedient.
In nine out of ten cases, our customers choose the most economical shipping method. You don’t have to give in to the temptation to give up cargo insurance and save some money.
What can happen to cargo during the shipment?
To understand why to do cargo insurance, you need to know what can happen to it when moving from “A” to “B”. Goods can be lost, stolen, sunk, burned or deformed in the event of an accident. For 99.99% all this does not apply to ZIZI LLC .
⦁ Carefully accept and weigh
⦁ We control the quality of packaging or offer a choice: thermal insulation layer, cardboard boxes, wooden mattress, wooden boxes
⦁ And we make sure that the packaged goods do not damage each other during the transportation.
Let’s inform immediately. Our customers’ products do not disappear and are not lost, so you will definitely get them with the volume and weight specified in the documents accompanying the cargo. The only thing that can happen to the cargo is that it can reach with damaged packaging. But there is a way out: take care of it in advance or entrust the packaging to our specialists.
The selected packaging must correspond to the type of transport.
When do we strongly recommend cargo insurance? During air cargo transportation.
There is a good reason for that. As long as the cargo reaches the receiver, it is loaded several times from one truck to another (we also call it cargo unloading). See how the load goes:
We use rented vehicles for air freight, so we can’t always monitor the condition of the cargo at each stage of moving from point A to point B.
As the risk of damaging the cargo in such a situation is very high, we oblige customers to buy insurance.
When do we offer cargo insurance? During land cargo transportation.
The probability of insurance accidents during land transportation is lower than during air cargo transportation, but the risk of force majeure circumstances remains:
⦁ Traffic accident
⦁ Accident due to weather conditions
⦁ Vehicle burning
⦁ Theft committed by third parties on the highway.
In this case, we do not require insurance, but we recommend you to use the services of an insurance company and choose the appropriate tariff.
Insurance is only a small part of determining the delivery price. But it will help to compensate the cost of the load in case of force majeure.
When do you determine the need for cargo insurance? During the transportation of containers.
Everything is clearer with containers. We do not oblige customers to insure their products, as we are 100% confident in their safety and security.We use containers and vehicles for transportation, which are at our disposal. Our employees:
⦁ Arrange the cargo in containers
⦁ Plate containers
⦁ Send to the appropriate address.
The goods are delivered to the recipient in the same container .
Goods are not loaded several times during container shipping, so the probability of damage and loss is zero.
Why take a risk if you can insure?
It is not profitable for the transport company for the goods to be lost or reached damaged to the recipient . It hurts the reputation and the income decreases. Therefore, we always check the quality of packaging and do everything possible according to the terms of delivery. For example, regular cardboard packaging is only allowed when shipping common goods, when the goods are not loaded in intermediate locations but reach the recipient directly from the factory.
Container shipping from China
On the other hand, we do not oblige the customer to insure the goods where it is not needed. A healthy compromise that benefits both parties. Insure depending on the selected shipping option:
⦁ By air, in compulsory order
⦁ By land, on the recommendation of the transport company
⦁ Containers, at the customer’s request.
Do you want to know the terms of insurance for specific cargo, shipping and delivery methods? Contact ZIZI․LLC for advice. We will do our best to choose the right insurance registration option and at the same time to ensure a low delivery price.

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